United States President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, are poised for a November election rematch after securing their parties' nominations. Following primary elections in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington on Tuesday, Biden emerged as the Democratic nominee while Trump received the Republican Party's endorsement.

Biden, emerging as the clear frontrunner within his party, surpassed the crucial 1,968-delegate threshold required for nomination. Conversely, Trump, following Nikki Haley's withdrawal from the race last week, also clinched the necessary 1,215 delegates. Both candidates are set to receive official nominations at their respective party conventions in July and August.

These widely anticipated results herald the first U.S. presidential election rematch in almost seven decades, featuring two contenders who face significant skepticism among a sizable portion of voters, according to numerous opinion polls.

At 81 years old, Biden stands as the oldest president in U.S. history, while the 77-year-old Trump is embroiled in four criminal cases involving a total of 91 felony counts. These cases revolve around allegations related to Trump's handling of classified documents and his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election, among other charges.

The impending rematch is expected to further exacerbate the existing political and cultural rifts across the nation as the eight-month journey to the November 5 election unfolds.

In a statement, Biden celebrated his nomination while portraying Trump as a significant threat to democracy, accusing him of orchestrating a campaign fueled by resentment, revenge, and retribution, which he argues undermines the core principles of America.

United States President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, are set for an election rematch in November after clinching their respective parties’ nominations.
Primary elections in Georgia, Mississippi and Washington on Tuesday handed Biden the Democratic nomination and Trump the nod from the Republican Party.

Trump, in a video posted on social media, celebrated what he called “a great day of victory”.

“But now we have to get back to work because we have the worst president in the history of our country,” Trump said of Biden. “So, we’re not going to take time to celebrate. We’ll celebrate in eight months when the election is over.”

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