Taoiseach Leo Varadkar stated that he is aware that the Department of Integration and the owner of a Ballinrobe property intended to host applicants for international protection are having "ongoing" talks and interaction.

He declared that he "totally" accepts that there are worries and anxieties among the local population, and that these needs must be addressed through information and communication.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, he said; "I also need to be very clear. Nobody in a free society, nobody in a democracy has a right to exercise a veto on who moves into their area or community. That doesn't just apply to international protection."

Michael Burke, a Fine Gael councillor, made remarks that he claimed did not represent government policy. Although he acknowledged his misgivings, he maintained he had provided an option.

"I have said back to him very clearly the situation we are now facing is that the alternative to providing accommodation centres is people on the streets. We already have 400 people at the moment who we are not able to provide any accommodation for. So, this isn't an ideal situation".

Speaking of the jundreds of thousands of individuals who are displaced worldwide as a result of poverty or war, he stated that he is not shocked that some of them are traveling to Ireland.

He said that while Fine Gael will give its council members some latitude in addressing neighborhood concerns, bigotry and false information of any kind will not be accepted by the party.