In just over 20 years, Dublin has gone from being one of the safest cities in the world to one of the most dangerous.

In 2003 a survey carried out by a US firm rated DUBLIN as one of the safer cities in the world. An international survey rated it 18th, well ahead of many other European cities.

In 2022 an article from Newstalk spoke to Fine Gael’s Barry Ward, who said that while crime certainly exists in Dublin, it is far safer than comparative cities.

“If you look at any metric of policing or the level of safety in a large capital city like Dublin, it compares incredibly favourably to any city in Europe,” Senator Ward said.

“I can’t think of any capital city in Europe that is as safe as Dublin is - which is not to say that Dublin doesn’t have problems, it’s not to say there isn’t criminality, it’s not to say that people don’t from time to time feel unsafe and with justification.

“What we need to do is deal with that but also to put it in context of the fact that on any metric we are still safer than most places.”

Fast forward to 2024 and Dublin is amongst the ‘unsafest’ major nightlife destinations in Europe, a new global study has revealed.

The team at OLBG carried out a study to reveal the safest and unsafest major destinations in Europe with Dublin making the top ten coming in at 9th position.

Birmingham was ranked as the most hazardous British city, followed by Manchester and London in fifth and eighth position, respectively, and Birmingham ranking higher than Dublin.
  1. Birmingham England 35.92 (safety score)
  2. Naples Napoli 37.82
  3. Paris France 42.24
  4. Athens Greece 43.94
  5. Manchester England 44.96
  6. Lyon France 45.32
  7. Brussels Belgium 45.40
  8. London England 45.80
  9. Dublin Ireland 47.18
  10. Milan Italy 48.70