Writing for the Irish Times, Minister Ryan called for a much bigger state.

"I believe that what we need today is a much bigger state, one that is paid competitively, that performs well and that is fit for purpose for the enormous development that a country with an increasing population and one of the most vibrant economies in the world needs.

While there is always room for improvement, our public sector as it stands has real strengths. The best measure of progress is how we compare with our peers, and on that score any assessment of the most reputable international league tables shows we are not doing badly at all. We have the second-highest quality of life worldwide, according to the UN Human Development Index, and are ranked 12th in the 2024 Social progress index. Our average life expectancy has increased by more than five years in the last 14. We are ranked fourth in the human freedom index, third in the global peace index, second-best for the reading ability of our 15-year-olds and 11th for maths. You could go on, but the overall picture is clear, our Oireachtas, our public servants and the various agencies of our State and our society are delivering for our people.

I have spoken before about the need for a bigger state. And business organisations such as IBEC are to the fore in calling for this type of investment in the State. They point out that we have seen a one million increase in private sector jobs in the last 15 years, while our public sector numbers have more or less stayed the same."

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