The Department of Finance announced numbers in 2023 showing a €1.2 billion surplus in the Exchequer.

This is in contrast to a €5 billion surplus in 2022. The reduction can be attributed to a number of causes, such as higher public spending and the €4 billion transfer to the National Reserve Fund (NRF) in February of last year.

Exceeding the projected "excess" company tax receipts, proceeds from the sale of bank equity, payments to the NRF, and other "one-off" items, an underlying deficit of around €6.5 billion was reported for 2023.

Corporation tax receipts reached €1.8 billion in December, up nearly 20% from December 2022, according to the most recent Exchequer Returns.

Revenue from corporate taxes in a given year was €23.8 billion, or €1.2 billion.