Ministers have been informed that up to 20,000 asylum applicants may enter the State this year.
Compared to slightly over 13,000 petitions for foreign protection last year, this is a significant increase.

Ireland may receive an additional 20,000 applications for international protection by 2024 if the number of asylum seekers entering the nation at the beginning of the year persisted throughout the full year.

13,277 persons applied for asylum in Ireland in total last year—a 3 percent decrease from 2022.

The estimate is based on the possibility of building six arrival centers with 3,500 beds each, dedicated to housing only recently arrived Ukrainians, in addition to another six centers with 3,600 beds each, dedicated to housing asylum seekers.

There would be no need for more hotel and B&B beds after the 90-day stay of Ukrainian migrants at the new reception centers.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians who now reside here will continue to be housed under their current housing agreements.

The locations and possible opening dates of these new immigration centers are unknown.

Ukrainians currently residing in this country will not be affected by the new 90-day limit on state-provided housing because it will only apply to new immigrants after the legislation supporting the limit are implemented.