For the past two years, the DUP has been abstaining from Stormont's power-sharing government in opposition to the post-Brexit trade regulations.

The agreement will cut down on paperwork and inspections for products traveling from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland.

The modifications will prevent routine inspections of GB goods that are being kept in Northern Ireland.

These modifications entail the greatest degree of flexibility permitted by an earlier EU/UK agreement, which is thought to be acceptable to the EU.

The UK and EU jointly agreed to amend that accord on Tuesday so that Northern Ireland can take advantage of UK free trade agreements.

During his speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland Secretary, stated that the agreement reached "is the right one for Northern Ireland and for the union".

It's time for politicians to "come together and work together," he continued.

"I trust we will have the conditions to see Stormont up and running swiftly," he stated.

Mr Heaton-Harris went on to say that "many of us in this chamber last week could not fail to have been struck by [Jeffrey Donaldson's] unshakeable advocacy on behalf of the unionist cause" .