33 Ukrainians arriving daily


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Over the past week, an average of 33 individuals from Ukraine have been arriving in Ireland daily in anticipation of upcoming changes to accommodation and support services for newcomers, set to take effect tomorrow.

Under these changes, individuals fleeing the conflict in Ukraine who register for temporary protection and seek state-provided accommodation in Ireland will be granted housing for a maximum of 90 days. During their stay in Designated Accommodation Centres, they will receive amenities such as food, laundry services, and integration support.

However, standard social welfare payments will not be available to residents of these centres. Instead, they will receive a reduced weekly allowance of €38.80 per adult and €29.80 per child for daily expenses. Notably, entitlement to Child Benefit remains unaffected by these adjustments.

Upon exiting the Designated Accommodation Centre or arranging their own accommodation upon arrival, individuals will have the opportunity to apply for standard social welfare assistance, subject to meeting eligibility criteria, on par with Irish citizens.

To accommodate these newcomers, six centres have been designated to provide 90 days of housing. The initial five confirmed centres are located at:

  • Ballyogan Road, Dublin city (capacity: 392)
  • Stradbally, Co Laois (capacity: 950)
  • Fernbank, Limerick city (capacity: 250)
  • Punchestown, Co Kildare (capacity: 378)
  • Gerald Griffin Street, Cork city (capacity: 107)
The government is adjusting its policies to ensure continued, long-term support for Ukrainian refugees while aligning with European Union standards and practices of other member states. Ukrainians who arrived in Ireland before this policy change will continue to receive the same level of support. There are currently around 68,000 people from Ukraine living in state-provided accommodation.

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