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5G Rollout will Secure China's Dominance in Global Technology

Discussion in 'World Economy' started by Tadhg Gaelach, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Even the briefest of looks at the Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” program underscores the full scope of China’s effort. Make no mistake about it: The explicit goal is not just to move up the ladder of industrial technology leadership, but to eventually dominate it.

    The goals are as ambitious as they are mercantilist: Chinese companies are to control 70 percent or more of domestic consumption in 10 key industries by 2025.

    China’s list of the targeted industries constitutes a particularly direct threat to the economic pillars of both German and American industry. It includes aerospace, semiconductors, autos and robotics sectors, to name just the most visible.

    One area of special concern is telecommunications technology. It is not just important as a major industry but, via the information technology space, will also increasingly be a driver of the entire industrial economy in coming years.

    We are all aware that 5G is a crucial enabling technology of the future. It is needed for a multitude of purposes that only begins with building the “internet of things” and transitioning to autonomous vehicles.

    5G also accommodates the transmission of massive amounts of data for analysis and artificial intelligence applications, as well as meeting the growing demand for mobile videos and video gaming.

    To underscore 5G’s centrality even more, any serious effort to improve cybersecurity and ensure the integrity of major systems like the electric grid depends on 5G technology as well. So do modern wireless systems that will need a huge increase in the transmission speed and bandwidth of their telecommunications infrastructures.

    Full article,

    5G: China's dream to dominate world technology | The Japan Times
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    South Korea will be first to market and so will have the advantage. China in all probability will have more users by 2025 by virtue of their population
    The rest of that paste is marketing spake
    5G will be an enabling technology and will aid globalisation. If China make money it will be because users worldwide will be reaping the benefits. Technology that isn't enabling won't last, so all boats will rise.
    Try to keep up and don't pretend you understand stuff that you are quite ignorant about just because you cut and paste a silly little article aimed at the feeble minded, otherwise known as click bait