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Alt-Right and Alt-Lite have major falling out.

Discussion in 'Chat' started by SwordOfStCatherine, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. SwordOfStCatherine

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    Two comments; if you are an American from outside of Dixie, I do accept you can be a Southron Nationalist and now thinking about it maybe Blacks can be Nationalist as well, I don't see how you can be a Nationalist unless you are going to do with T.S Eliot and H.P. Lovecraft (both of whom I'm big fans of) did and go back to your roots and become a British Patriot. The USA is much more of Social Experiment than a Nation as such. The second comment is that I think Richard Spencer is extremely correct to point out that a lot of people oppose Islam for really horrible and decadent reasons.

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  2. YoungStudent

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    It was inevitable, when groups like these form they often have some many differences that they turn a blind eye for the cause until they gain victory and then fall out with each other.

    It was evident in the Same Sex Marriage referendum, the LGBT Community came together to promote the equality referendum but soon after they began in fighting with each other.