Anger against Green Paper for disability allowance


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In Dublin today, a coalition of politicians and activists convened to oppose the government's Green Paper on Disability Reform, urging for its abandonment. The proposed tiered system for Disability Allowance was criticized as "ableist" by campaigners, with around 70 demonstrators gathering on O'Connell Street to voice their dissent this afternoon.

Dr Margaret Kennedy, a 71-year-old lecturer and campaigner, said that it is a “shameful indictment on our health services that we struggle to live independent quality lives on equal terms”, flying in the face of the United Nations Contravention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

The Green Paper, she says, is part of a “conservative agenda” that aims to restrict benefits.

It proposes recategorising people who are in receipt of the Disability Allowance.

  • Level 1 would align with the State Pension. This rate is currently € 265.30 per week.
  • Level 2 would be €242.65.
  • Level 3 would be aligned with the current standard payment rate for Disability Allowance, which is €220.
Secondary benefits, such as Free Travel, will still apply to all levels.

The government has stressed that the Green Paper is a proposal document and no final decisions have been made. The public can email submissions to


Days after loosing a referendum and here we are again, this goverment have no moral autthority.
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