Deposit Return Scheme - Over 5.6 Million Drinks Containers Since February 1st


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Re-TURN, the administrators overseeing the Deposit Return Scheme, have successfully gathered over 5.6 million beverage containers since February 1st.

This initiative is in line with a broader EU directive aimed at reducing single-use plastics, setting a recycling target of 77% for plastic bottles by 2025.

A 15-cent deposit fee, akin to a 'deposit,' has been implemented for aluminum and steel cans, as well as plastic bottles up to 500ml. Meanwhile, containers exceeding 500ml incur a 25-cent deposit. To reclaim the deposit, containers must be returned empty and undamaged.

Returns can be processed either in-person or through the use of Reverse Vending Machines.

Initially, consumers were instructed to look for the Re-TURN logo on containers. However, Re-TURN clarified last month that containers lacking the logo would still qualify for a reclaimable deposit.
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