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Dry drunk lashes out at the homeless - Boycott the GAA

Discussion in 'independent politicians' started by Earnán Ó Maille, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Some strong objections were voiced at the meeting, which was organised by the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA), the Restaurants Association of Ireland, the Temple Bar Company and addiction service Aisling Group International.

    Councillor Mannix Flynn spoke out against injection centres, saying it was the wrong road to take and that they would encourage drug addicts to harm themselves.

    "We're dealing with chronic addicts. We're saying, 'Here's the rope, why don't you go hang yourself'," he said.

    However, Neil Forsyth, of homeless support group Focus Ireland, said the issue was not clear-cut, and it seemed that people had already "nailed their colours to the mast" while calling for a debate.

    He described how drug add-icts were being found dead on the streets on an almost daily basis.

    Kris Karlsson, a reformed criminal and former drug addict, said it was the 12-step programme that saved him from his life of drugs and that he became clean very late in life before going on to found KRIS, a charity for reforming criminal addicts.

    "I began to challenge myself to realise these harms I'd done to others," he said.

    'I was attacked by a drug addict' - U2 hotel manager opposes injection centres

    'But he also established a reputation as an angry, self-destructive hell-raising drinker, which he now says was de served.'

    The new, improved Mannix Flynn and the X factor - Independent.ie



    A.A.W.S. copyrights are held in trust for A.A. as a whole. A.A.W.S. has a responsibility to protect these valuable A.A. assets both in terms of content and preserving the integrity of the A.A. message. In order to meet this responsibility, A.A.W.S. must ensure that A.A.'s copyrights remain undiminished by infringing activities. Further, as a practical matter, and in order to meet such responsibility, blanket or non-specific permission is not granted.

    Alcoholics Anonymous : Content Use Policy

    - How can a profitable charity such as the Aisling Group International claim that they are acting in the interests of a non-profit and non-political organisation? They can't unless they have been peddling a lie..

    - 'In the intervening years Aisling's expertise and services have evolved. Aisling Group International is now respected for its work nationally and internationally and has received a number of awards. Its links extend globally into countries such as Australia, USA, Sweden, to name a few. It is a member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

    - Aisling Group International is a registered Charity and has a voluntary Management Committee. Aisling supports the UN conventions on narcotics and endeavours to reduce the demand for drugs. It supports the UN rulings on Children and Human Rights. In recent times the Charity was awarded the All Islands Special Endeavour Awards presented by President Mary McAleese.'

    - They have no Legal grounds to print material on behalf of any 12 Step Program. None whatsoever and as a matter of fact they are being willfully and Intellectually dishonest, as anyone who can read basic English can determine for themselves:

    - 'AA/CA/GA/NA state: is open to anyone regardless of age, race, sexual identity, religion or lack of religion. It is not affiliated with any other organisations (including religious or government organisations).'

    - At least three de facto using facilities already exist in Dublin, and have done for several decades, and whatsmore, they all exist right under Flynns nose.

    - Focus Ireland are not a service for drug users.
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    'Support people/families affected by suicide, homelessness, adiction problems and family problems with your donation. 100% of your €4 goes to Aisling Group Non Profit Charity No. 11891. - Minimum €3.26 after VAT Service Provider: LikeCharity 0768886702. Phone charity office 0469074300 Office - or www.aislinggroupinternational.ie at the Donate button to donate any amount on line.'

    About us - Aisling Group International

    Support the Addicts, the Homeless and the family and friends of suicide victims by Boycotting Aisling Group International!

    It's beyond disgusting what they are doing. They have backed Big Business interests above the interests of the very same people on whose behalf they have elected themselves to fundraise.
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    The Vinter association are no better than bookmakers, both depend on addiction and misery.
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    Principal of St. Audoen's National School Eilish Meagher and Michael O'Connor General Manager of the Clarence Hotel who spoke at a seminar at the Clarence Hotel discussing the implications of a Supervised Injection Centre/Drug Comsumption Facility scheduled to open in Dublin City Centre in 2017

    I think the Teachers Union need to clarify their position with regard to the claims that have been made on behalf of Addicts, the Homeless and the Victims of Suicide, and the support they have given to the Aisling Group International, because they do not have the Legal right to sell the AA/CA/GA/NA trademark, in the manner with which the Independent have sold it.

    Ruth Coppinger TD (@RuthCoppingerTD) | Twitter

    A.A.’s Copyrights

    A.A.W.S. holds numerous copyrights in trust for A.A. as a whole in the many written works, videos, cassettes, CDs, and other materials produced and published by A.A.W.S. both in English, as well as in other languages.

    Licensing Policy

    Generally, A.A.W.S limits licensees for the publication and distribution of A.A. literature, to General Service Offices (G.S.O.s) in other countries and literature committees around the world. The “Current Conference Charter” provides guidance in the matter: “In countries where a General Service Structure exists, the United States/Canada Conference will delegate sole right to publish our Conference-approved literature to the General Service Board of the structure.”

    Reprint Policy

    Our reprint policy, however, is different from our licensing policy. As stated in The A.A. Service Manual: “Local A.A. publications are permitted to quote a phrase, sentence or brief paragraph excerpted from A.A. literature such as The Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, The A.A. Service Manual and Conference-approved pamphlets without a prior, written request to do so…, (accompanied by a credit line (that) should read: Reprinted from (name of publication, page number), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)” Non-A.A. individuals and entities may not reprint A.A. copyrighted materials without prior approval granted pursuant to a written request. Please send your request to reprint A.A.W.S. material to ippolicy@aa.org

    Trademarks and Logos

    A.A. World Services and the Grapevine have registered a number of trademarks and logos, and the guidelines for using them are based partly on legal considerations and partly on the nature of A.A.

    The following is a complete list of registered trademarks and service marks that symbolize Alcoholics Anonymous, its work and its purpose: A.A.; Alcoholics Anonymous; The Big Book; Box 4-5-9; The Grapevine; A.A. Grapevine; GV; Box 1980, La Viña.

    Use of these marks on goods or services that do not emanate from A.A.,and have not been approved by A.A., both infringes upon and dilutes A.A. marks, in legal terms. The resulting harm is that the marks and A.A. itself, since A.A. is what the marks symbolize, will come to be associated with a variety of products and services that are not part of A.A., and are not consistent with A.A.’s purpose. This will cause the marks to lose their meaning and significance as symbols of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Alcoholics Anonymous : Intellectual Property Policies

    The Aisling International Group are clearly not a non-profit charity, and their primary source of income is addiction, homelessness and suicide. If AA endorse the Aisling International Group trademark, they can no longer claim to be a non-profit organisation. It's that simple.

    Surprise, surprise, Red Ruth Coppinger and the rest of the Teachers Union, haven't said a word about Meaghars blatant prejudice and borderline racism. I wonder why that is? The FF TD Noel Dempsey, acted contrary to the wishes of the relatives and friends of Addicts, Suicide Victims and the Homeless by publicly endorsing the Aisling Group International.


    'A convicted IRA terrorist who obtained a government licence to work in the security industry, while being pursued by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) for €1.5m, will be allowed to keep his permit.'

    Terrorist allowed to be bodyguard | The Sunday Times

    Now I get it. The U2 manager has been listening to a bit too much bar-stool Republicanism or something like that?

    'Deputy Leader of Sinn Féin, TD for Dublin Central and party Spokesperson on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.'

    Mary Lou McDonald (@MaryLouMcDonald) | Twitter

    Not a word of condemnation from the SF Vice-President, and spokeswoman for Suicide Prevention. SF obviously don't represent the people they claim to represent.

    ''Lock the scum up. Let them detox behind bars.

    Fact is that if political and police and judicial will is there and there are enough prison place then problem can be dealt with. None of these factors apply here so place will continue on way down the plug hole.''

    Bad! U2 hotel boss says Heroin clinic not for the street with his hotel name on it. ([​IMG] 1 2 3... 7)

    The Boycott will extend to Good Council GAA Club. We will hold protests and organize petitions outside your clubs.

    Mind Ur Buddy suicide prevention - Pieta House

    Information evenings hosted by Pieta House - Mind Ur Buddy suicide prevention programme. I am trying to confirm numbers of attendees for these meetings.
    This initiative has been backed by the county board, and they have strongly urged clubs to take part. The evening meetings are taking place as follows
    Tuesday 25th June - Na Fianna at 7.30pm
    Thursday 27th June - Naomh Mearnog at 7.30pm
    Tuesday 2nd July - Thomas Davis at 7.30pm
    Wednesday 3rd July - Kilmacud Crokes at 7.30pm.

    Mind Ur Buddy suicide prevention - Pieta House — St Sylvesters GAA

    None of the above GAA clubs have a right to fund-raise in my name.

    GAA and Suicide or Survive - Talk, Listen, Change - suicideorsurvive.ie‎

    Because of the support given by the GAA to the Aisling Group International, families and friends of addicts, the homeless and victims of suicide should Boycottt any product related to Mental Health issues which are supported by the GAA. You don't represent us.

    Donegal GAA Supporting Pieta House North West fundraiser

    A 3-day charity fundraiser that Joe Coyle (a Financial Broker from Mountcharles and Chairman of Darkness into Light, Donegal Town) and I are doing on June 17th, 18th and 19th 2016 in aid of PIETA HOUSE NORTH WEST.

    As some of you may know on December 4th 2012 a young man, Aaron Scott from Copany near Donegal Town was lost from our community through suicide. Aaron was 26 years old and while primarily a soccer player he would often be seen with his friends at Tír Conaill Park or Páirc Naomh Bríd, Ballintra.

    Donegal GAA Supporting Pieta House North West fundraiser

    Pieta House are a Fine Gael Front, and they have collected Millions in the past 12 years, at the expense of the poorest communities in Ireland, and have in fact turned people away from their doors who subsequently committed suicide. How sick is that, eh?

    Organisers hope the event will raise awareness of the issue as well as cash for suicide prevention charities PIPS, The Niamh Louise Foundation and the STEPS Foundation.

    The event has been organised after it emerged that 318 suicides were registered across the north last year - the highest annual death toll since records began in 1970.

    An over 35’s seven-a-side football competition involving clubs from across counties Derry and Antrim will form the centrepiece of the free family fun day which will be held at the grounds of Bellaghy Wolf Tones today.

    She said that the families of both men were keen to highlight the fact that there is help for people contemplating taking their own lives.
    “People don’t know where to turn,” she said.

    GAA event to raise awareness about suicide - The Irish News

    The GAA have no right to profiteer from the misery of Suicide Victims. It's utterly shameless what they are doing. We know where we won't turn, and that is towards the GAA, who are a part of the problem, and not a part of the solution. The great majority of suicidees live outside GAA strongholds. The Business Class in the GAA are depriving the poorest communities of the opportunity to raise their own funds. Utter Scum!

    GAA stars line out for suicide awareness event

    The HSE South and a number of national organisations including Console, Living Links, and Wellness Recovery Action Plan are taking part in the event. It has been organised by the Killarney group Be Aware! Prevent Suicide, with the assistance of voluntary bodies.

    GAA stars line out for suicide awareness event | Irish Examiner

    Support the Addicts, the Homeless and the families and friends of Suicidees by Boycotting the Products endorsed by the GAA County Boards, not just in Ireland, but around the globe.

    Dublin GAA and Vodafone Ireland have teamed together to Mind Our Men - by giving prime position on the county's hurling and football jerseys in a stellar effort to raise awareness for the campaign. The support is amazing, thanks to the two organisations for spreading the message.'

    Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm - Timeline | Facebook

    The Dublin GAA Board have not got the support of the families and friends of the addicts, the homeless or the families and friends of suicide victims.

    Source:'Cash-strapped drugs group faces closure' : Weekender, p. 2, 24 Apr 2004

    'The Navan-based Aisling may have to close within the week as national funds dry up. Marie Byrne, national co-ordinator of the group, said that the closure would be due to ‘lack of support in this area from government services’. “Most of the time is spent out forms for funding instead of treating the people who need our help. I’m just tired of it all- how can we expected to carry on if there is no political will to support projects such as ours? I think at this stage, unless we find a millionaire somewhere, I would rather concentrate my energies in Australia where you’re supported by government service. I have to question why any allocations for drug prevention go to Cork and Dublin city but never down this way”, she added.'

    'The NEHB said the Bradan Day Programme was allocated €44,440 last year from the addiction services budget for counselling costs...'

    AA/CA/GA/NA Non-profit organisations? Pull the other one.

    1,700 cyclists the first to use new motorway

    Motorists passing the soon-to-be-opened M3 motorway route on Sunday morning will be forgiven for thinking the Tour de France was again starting off in Ireland, as they passed the colourful array of cyclists lined up for the M3 Cycle.

    Ther event was officially launched by the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, who participated in the 14 kilometre event and was among the first 20 to finish.

    Mr Dempsey commended the Aisling Group International for the great work they do in drug and alcohol prevention, education, training and recovery. Cathaoirleach of Meath County Council, Cllr William Carey, also spoke of his long admiration for the work of Aisling Group International.

    "When we considered hosting this event, we were delighted that the M3JV companies, represented by Enda Tyrrell and Marcus Hargreaves, were more than supportive," founder and director of Aisling Group, Marie Byrne, said.

    "We are delighted to have proved their faith in us was well placed by this phenomenal participation. This cycle event could only be achieved by the amazing support of all those taking part to whom we are very grateful. Our grants are depleted and this is our main fundraising event," she said.

    News and Events, County Meath, Ireland - Councils, Community ...

    'The criminal investigations into the appropriation of funds from the Cill Urnaí Housing Association, of which he was a director, are ongoing and Cllr Dalton was limited in what he could say.

    When news of the fraud investigations broke in October Cllr Dalton says that while he was at a low ebb he received great support from many around him.'

    Kildare Nationalist — Athy Cllr Mark Dalton on his gambling addiction ...

    There's an example of the great work the patriots Noel Dempsey is referring to, have been doing on behalf of the Homeless. Robbing them blind.
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    Aisling Group International - Who are the AGI and who has been backing them? 'The event was officially launched by the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, who participated in the 14 kilometre event and was among the first 20 to finish.' Noel Dempsey is FF, and you can bet most of the money being sent back upstairs was being sent to Pro-FF & FG Charities. Now, during the same period that Dempsey was supporting AGI, which is supposedly a charity for addicts, the homeless and families of suicide victims, fellow FF member Mark Dalton was gambling away hundreds of thousands of euros belonging to Cill Urnaí Housing Association, which is supposedly for the same group of people.

    Na Fianna, Naomh Mearnog, Thomas Davis, Kilmacud Crokes, Bellaghy Wolf Tones and the Dublin GAA Board are of course entitled to carry out fundraising activities on behalf of individuals, but under licensing trade laws it's within the rights of the families, friends, communities or anyone else to make a case against False & Misleading Advertising under the rules and regulations governing Consumer Advertising SI 134/1988 (European Communities (Misleading Advertising) Regulations, 1988), and any person can apply to the High Court for an order prohibiting the publication of misleading advertising. In other words, it's within my rights to take the GAA to court, because I'm claiming that they are Misleading the Public through False Advertisement. Hence, Na Fianna, Naomh Mearnog, Thomas Davis, Kilmacud Crokes, Bellaghy Wolf Tones and the Dublin GAA Board should be made to stress the point that they are only fundraising with the support of particular families, and not on behalf of all communities and families affected by suicide.

    The Independent have implied that they have the support of a non-profit recovery group, and a registered charity, which is in reality a business, namely the AGI. What went on in Cill Urnaí Housing Association is only the tip of the ice berg, and vast sums of money have been stolen from several centers, including one in Limerick by a member of the Irish Gardaí. Imagine robbing nuns? Imagine being an Irish Guard? Now, have a closer look at the Commissioners son when this was taking place, and what was going on in Glasnevin in Dublin, circa 2009, and then come back and tell me I'm not as mad as you initially suspected..

    Two in court over €3m cocaine find - The Irish Times

    Garda's son ran €138k drug factory from his garage - Herald.ie

    It's gas how the 'Principal of St. Audoen's National School Eilish Meagher and Michael O'Connor General Manager of the Clarence Hotel', as well as the Teachers Union, are afraid to teach the kids that history..

    Pie - 'The new President of the Philippines has a very successful drug rehabilitation program.. Even if a person has issues, it does not allow them license to prey on others to support it, and besides what sort of idiot would decide to take heroin seeing what it leads to? Not exactly rocket science in Dublin! But fair enough, they are entitled to treatment but priority needs to be protection of wider community, not the welfare of junkies..'

    It's easier for the Internet Provos to try and bully the weak..
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    'A convicted IRA terrorist who obtained a government licence to work in the security industry, while being pursued by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) for €1.5m, will be allowed to keep his permit.'


    Gerry Adams (@GerryAdamsSF) | Twitter