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European Civil war ....website

Discussion in 'Immigration & Refugees' started by mikeo, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. mikeo

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  2. Tadhg Gaelach

    Tadhg Gaelach Legend Donator Battle Royale Political Irish

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    I wonder how long until the Globalists find a reason to ban that site.
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  3. anderson

    anderson Respected Member Battle Royale Political Irish

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    Already working on it I bet.

    Unless its a honey pot.
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  4. Plasticpaddy

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    I think the site is interesting,but I think a little bit too alarmist and pessimistic ,well I certainly hope so.
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  5. The Potato Mystic

    The Potato Mystic Legend Battle Royale Political Irish

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    It's not just a "European civil war", it's a global war with the welfare of humanity at stake. A war between patriots of all nations and globalism.

    It does no nation on earth any good when you have nuclear powered states ran by a collection of demented snowflakes with a zeal to spread their globalist-death cult across every nation on earth.
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  6. Generation Snowflake

    Generation Snowflake Member Political Irish

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    Its not getting shut down unless it openly challenges, and is stupid about it.

    Reminds me of this site, Archives - Social Matter American version, Myth of the 20th Century is one of my favorite podcasts, just throwing it out, id think you'd be interested if you like the thread website, its an american content mainly though.

    I didnt think the site was really about a civil war as such, as much as trying to figure out whats going on in europe and if people can do anything about it. I did find these articles What Would A Successful Reconquest Be Attained Through? - Europeancivilwar.com and this one Preparation For Reconquest - Europeancivilwar.com which talked about possibilities of examples of how to respond. The second one linked the The Irish Savant which i like. Think all these things are aware of each other.

    I do not think its alarmist. I just think reconquista is going to be hard unless it comes out of a Catholic country, like Spain the last time. So without a model country to follow, it will be all these smaller ethnic states, and i dont think we have the people anymore that can run/defend them small scale. Either way decentralised systems is the way to go, but you need people that can understand/develop them. People have been too dumbed down, everyone is living in a cargo cult, too dependent on big brother/systems and not understanding how even everyday tools work.

    Ive been trying to find an outline of possibilities of what would happen if europe balkanises, as i think its end times if it does. Thanks for the site.

    As an aside, the sections headings are interesting.
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  7. Ire-land

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    It's no wonder that Nationalism has effectively been equated with the worst of all globalist crimes, wacism, as it’s the only thing that can protect the world from these psychopaths.
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