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Fianna Fáil Deputy Willie O'Dea has confessed to not supporting the Government's campaign for a Yes-Yes outcome in the recent referendums. He openly admitted to voting No to both propositions when he cast his ballot on Friday.

The TD representing Limerick City remarked that he viewed the referendums as poorly planned and inadequately explained. He acknowledged the presence of confusion surrounding the issues at hand, but clarified that it differed from the widespread confusion that some have alleged.

"The 44% turnout shows people had looked at this and had made up their minds, but people were confused as to why when the country had so many problems to be getting on with in relation to lack of housing, healthcare and law and order why the Government were diverting time and energy on these referenda for which there were no popular demand," he said.

Mr O'Dea tweeted this morning that "Fianna Fáil needs to get back to basics & abandon the Hate Speech Bill etc. Focus on Housing, Health and Law & Order and stop playing to the woke gallery. Start listening to the people, stop talking down to them and stop listening to the out of touch Greens & NGOs".