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Green Party optimistic of securing 4th seat in Limerick

Discussion in 'Green Party' started by Liverpool, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Liverpool

    Liverpool New Political Irish

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    There havin a laugh arent they?

    I cant see the greens getting any seats, but then again you never know.  I hope to God they dont though.


    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]GREEN [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]Party candidate[/font] for next year’s general election has said that the fourth seat in the Limerick City constituency is “everyone’s to take”.[/font]

    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]North Circular Road teacher James Gaffney, who announced his election campaign last week, said that he is “optimistic and realistic” about next year’s campaign, and that he believes that there is “still a valid place for a Green voice” in Irish politics.[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]He said that he has been involved with the party for more than a year, and that he has always voted for the [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]Green Party[/font].[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]Mr Gaffney, 31, who is an English teacher in DCU, graduated from UL with a degree in Law and European Studies in 2006. He also attended Ardscoil Rís.[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]He said that he has “always been interested in local and national politics” and that he wants to “step into the ring to bring about positive changes” for Limerick.[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]“All schools will have subsidised, healthy dinners for the children, and that in Deis schools the dinners would be for free. And I think that is one of their ideas that has a long-term focus that encourages healthier habits, which will benefit society in the long-term,” he explained.[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]He said that he is aware that he is up against “national heavyweights” in the constituency, but he is adamant about running a “good campaign”.[/font]
    [font=OpenSans-Regular, sans-serif]

    Read more: http://www.limerickleader.ie/news/local-news/optimistic-greens-to-fight-for-fourth-seat-in-limerick-1-7087391#ixzz3sh8saClx[/font]
  2. im axeled

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    i have a good a chancve of being elected than him, i am not running, so that puts things into perspective, the fourth seat could well end in a dogfight between a sitting labour minister, the shinners and the trots, with the sd bloke wondering will he go back teaching
  3. TheKing

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    Green party are finished, they will at least have a few friends with labour joining them on the sidelines thinking back about the good times.