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Happy New Year 2018

Discussion in 'Chat' started by 2pacs, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Youngdan

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    Thank goodness, we are all home. It is minus 2 degrees outside here now, that is minus 19 degrees centigrade. It rarely gets this cold here.
  2. TheWexfordInn

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  3. Irish Warrior

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    Living on the edge.
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  4. Tadhg Ó Raghallaigh

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    Happy New Year from America's Left Coast!
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  5. Finished Symphony

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    Happy New Year.

    Had to laugh at a news update on the radio this morning. The first piece was about the North Korean lad with his finger on the button and planning to go further ahead with the nuke program. The third piece was the first Irish infants born on New Years Day. Christ, what a world to be in.

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