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Has the US foreign policy shifted focus? : Thomas P. M. Barnetts "Brave new world" of sh*t"

Discussion in 'Foreign Affairs' started by GodsDog, Nov 16, 2017.

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    The idea that the America is a "fair mediator" whilst arming Israel with a space age military on welfare and with a political elite that espouses mandatory Israeli worship would be hilarious if it wasn't grotesque.

    I won't face palm that little beaut because my head would never leave my hand!
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  2. kalipa44

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    You don't have to convince me about the US's disingenuous pontificating on Palestine. Israel rules US foreign policy.

    In that article I quoted it says "
    The same State Department official told Haaretz that the issue was mostly technical, stating that "under U.S. law, to waive statutory restrictions on the PLO and its Washington office, the Secretary [of State Tillerson] must certify the PLO has complied with conditions imposed by Congress.
    "In December 2015, Congress introduced a new condition concerning certain Palestinian actions related to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The most recent certification period ended in November. We were unable to make a new certification, and have notified the PLO accordingly. The Secretary concluded that the factual record, in particular certain statements made by Palestinian leaders about the ICC, did not permit him to make the factual certification required by the statute."
    read more: U.S. warns Palestinians they could lose Washington embassy over Abbas' call to investigate Israelis "

    The US congress is of course Israeli occupied territory so they will do whatever the Israeli regimewants
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    Trump's latest Jerusalem "mistake" actually plays right along with this whole "controlled chaos" strategy.
    It will certainly increase chaos in the region and have everyone at each other's throats for a while
    whilst winning Trump valuable support at home.

    Win win for Trump and the US regime
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