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How West Africans are flooding Ireland with Crack Cocaine

Discussion in 'Immigration & Refugees' started by Tadhg Gaelach, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Tadhg Gaelach

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    Just remember - Diversity is our strength....

    Most of the dealers were west Africans who sold prepared rocks. One rock, about half the size of a thumbnail, cost €50 and would yield about four hits.

    In the 2000s some users cooked their own crack, but the poor quality of Irish cocaine meant they often ended up with an unsmokable mush. The African dealers were seen to be more skilled at the process, so most users were happy to buy it precooked from them.

    Crack cocaine in Ireland: The rise of an ugly drug
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    Might explain where all those hundreds of millions of Euros being sent annually from Ireland to Nigeria comes from.
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