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Immigration, Good or Bad ? Open Debate thread.

Tadhg Gaelach

Jan 14, 2016
British tourists warned to 'stay in resorts' in Jamaica security emergency

UK tourists warned over Jamaica stays

I was there myself and it's very much like that. I was staying in a walled compound that had its own private beech. I think most of the residents never left the place. We did, but we had a couple of close calls with the local boyos. We wanted to see the Bob Marley Museum but the taxi man told us that in that side of town they'd kill us and kill him too for being with us. It didn't help that my gf had long blond hair down to her waist and blue eyes. The Jamaican girls would just come up to her and start touching her hair in amazement. But they were very nice - they were just amazed by her hair. The sad thing is that our Irish ruling class want to breed girls like that out of existence. Those Jamaican girls have more appreciation for Gaelic beauty than our own so called government.