Ireland says NO to changes in the 39th and 40th Amendments


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The outcome of the Family referendum indicates a stunning defeat, with 32.3% voting Yes and 67.7% voting No.

Just before 7 o'clock in the evening, Barry Ryan, the overall Referendum Returning Officer, delivered the formal announcement at Dublin Castle.

It is anticipated that the difference in votes between the supporters and opponents will be 32.3%, or 533,982 votes.

With 44.36% of the vote, the turnout was 19% lower than it was for the 2018 abortion referendum.

The Care referendum was defeated by an even higher margin than the Family referendum that was declared earlier this evening.

A total of 26.1% voted yes and 73.9% voted no. All 39 seats rejected the proposed 40th amendment to the constitution.

The difference in votes cast for and against the Care amendment was 721,567, or 47.8% of the total.

44.3% of the 1,525,221 voters cast ballots. This represented a 19.7% decrease from the abortion referendum in 2018.

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