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Nordic Resistance Movement intervenes in school where migrant-crime against Swedes is out of control

Discussion in 'Immigration & Refugees' started by Kershaw, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Nordic Resistance Movement intervenes in school where migrant-crime against Swedes is out of control

    Two weeks ago there was a scuffle between a Swedish teenager and an immigrant at the Lorensberg School in Ludvika. This led to the immigrant calling his older brother, who then went to the school to beat up the Swede.

    A teacher took the Swede into a room where they locked him in there, for his own safety. Other teachers at the school prevented the immigrant from entering the school so he left.

    On his way back home, the immigrant met a group of 7th grade students so he just decided to beat one of them up. The kid couldn’t go to school for a couple of days because he needed to recover from his injuries.

    Meanwhile, the principal is now focusing on preventing this incident from leading to a spike in xenophobia.

    In an e-mail, the principal Göran Törnqvist and vice principal Madelen Goldmann wrote that the school has employed a study coach and that a female employee will be there to “give hugs to all the students every morning five days a week.”


    Nordic Resistance has previously interviewed a student from the Church School which is in the same city of Ludvika, with a population of 15,000. The student said that the school has experienced bomb threats, a knife incident which led to the school evacuating, several fights and sexual harassment.

    NRM come to the Lorensberg School and unfurl a banner that says: Swedish Youth – Hit back!. They then use a bullhorn, and green flare. The guy on the microphone then says:

    “We who stand here today come from the Nordic Resistance Movement. Two weeks ago an innocent student was assaulted by a racial foreigner. A person who does not belong here in the north. Your principals want the problems to be hugged away. Defend yourselves! Hit back! This betrayal from those who rule, the traitors also known as politicians, is unforgivable. We in the Nordic Resistance Movement fight for our right to be safe in our own country. So that our young don’t have to go to school with a knot in their belly out of fear that the foreigners will do something to you today. Once again! Join together and defend each other. Join the Nordic Resistance Movement and aid us in the struggle to retake our country!”

    A couple of kids then approach the NRM, which triggers the female teacher who gestures for them to come back to school, back under her wing and watchful gaze.

    They small talk with students who basically say there’s problems at the school and they say that they’ve heard of the organization before.

    The Principal and teachers all stand around nervously. The principal is the one in grey who shakes his head angrily when the Nordic Resistance says that the kids need to band together and defend themselves.

    In response, they decide that there is definitely going to be a school meeting to talk about the horrible Nazis tomorrow.

    Finally the NRM tells the kids that everything the organization does, it does for them.

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    Awesome, similar to Soldiers of Odin but they started here too early. The North men rise again.
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    Holy sweet Jaysus
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    School Hires Migrant Arab Criminal as Counselor: sends penis images to 14 year old

    Google Translate
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    Isn't that actually sexist?