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    Is OBOR the reason that Russia in now a pariah? We see the world emerging on a grand scheme of national development equality, but you'll never hear that from the Left in Ireland. OBOR is a global idea that is not globalist in nature, but respects the nation state. Our leaders use boys on beaches to pull on our heart strings, but where is the twenty year plan? Why is there no plan? Because those people are only interested in their own careers. They really don't care about their grandchildren, they want money and power now. Theresa May and Merkel have no stake in the future. Are the average Northern Europeans of a higher IQ than the average Sub-Saharan? Yes. That may seem "Racist", but on an airliner, you put your own oxygen mask on first before you can assist others. Ireland must save itself before helping others. How can we Irish debate in the UN about economics and equality, when we're downtrodden into the dirt? Globalisation will happen, but not on these terms.
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    higher iq is a double edged sword and in my ignorant opinion a bit overrated. there are little tribeens down the amazon that mite seem dumb but they have wisdom beyond any enlightened westerners understanding. as had the ignorant savages in north america. cultures with high iqs destroyed/destroying america and yet the ignorant savages back then could forsee what was going to happen and told us in simple poetic prophetic statements. as for the irish, we arent respected internationally like we once were and its going to take a big effort to change that. sorry, but its true. i knew a great republican years ago who kind of gave up at the end of his life and was depressed at the greed and squandering and me feinerism of a lot of irish. sad cuz its true. as for OBOR, im going to have to google that now. i will say though, that "were downtrodden into thedirt" because we allow ourselves to be walked all over. im into a humble tribalism myself, mixed in with a bit of FUNdaMENTALISM of course.
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