Putin Wins Russian Election


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By utilizing a thoroughly stage-managed presidential election with no genuine competition to show broad popular support for his domestic control and his invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir V. Putin on Sunday prolonged his rule over Russia until 2030.

In an attempt to convert the undemocratic voting process into a protest, several Russians formed lengthy lineups at polling places at noon in order to voice their displeasure. Ukraine attempted to cast a sort of protest vote at the same time by launching a barrage of detonating drones at Moscow and other targets.

However, the Kremlin dismissed these objections and declared, following the polls' close, that Mr. Putin had received 87 percent of the vote, which was an even greater percentage than in the four elections in which he had previously run.

Following that, Mr. Putin engaged in a protracted, live victory lap. This included a swaggering, after-midnight press conference when he made his first comments regarding the imprisoned opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny's death, calling it a "unfortunate incident."

With his new six-year term, Mr. Putin intends to continue the war in Ukraine and solidify his hold on Russian politics. Should Putin serve out the entire term, he will hold the record for the longest tenure of any Russian leader since the 1700s' Catherine the Great.
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