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Refugee Terrorists - STOP IT NOW!

Discussion in 'Mad World' started by TheKing, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. TheKing

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    Enough is enough,

    We now have multiple evidece that some of the terrorists of the Paris attociities came to Europe as Syrian Refugees.

    The Greek government have confirmed this and now so do the Serbians.

    Meanwhile in Turkey


    Oct 6
    #Turkey - Photos reportedly of militants at Hatay Airport #Antakya after fleeing from #Russian airstrikes in #Syria pic.twitter.com/7ZdQs5yNuT




    We have to stop the madness of allowing anyone into Europe, there are people we are welcoming who want to kill us, destroy us and cause us suffering and pain.

    Enough is Enough.
  2. Greengoose

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    God love ya you poor man!
  3. Rick

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    We have more than enough threads on this.

    Im going to close this one.
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