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Single letter .ie domain names

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Dan_Murphy, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Peppermint

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    I don't get how I use facebook to find anything?
    I want a European PCB manufacturer, how does facebook help?
  2. jmcc

    jmcc Member Political Irish

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    The search bar on Facebook might help. But if you already know the main trade journals in EU countries (unfortunately, a lot of the tech publications have gone to the wall in the last twenty years or so), you might be able to find their FB presence and look at who "likes" or follows them. If you are looking for Irish PCB firms, Enterprise Ireland or IDA might be able to help. Think that there are a few such companies still left. It is/was all down to the run and the requirements (single/double/multilayer/leaded/smt etc) and lead time. Google might be good for this kind of search, much as I dislike recommending it. There are even some Irish results for "PCB manufacturer Ireland". (I'm not current on PCB/manufacturing though.)
  3. Count Bobulescu

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    Might be helpful.