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Smelly people

Discussion in 'Mad World' started by cyberianpan, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. cyberianpan

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    cYp is a delicate flower when it comes to matters olfactory

    He both is a sensualist known to use incense and essential oils...but also to get quite bothered by matters noisome

    Public transport can be a problem...as can certain smelly taxi drivers

    cYp also fears that the Froggish eurocrats may ban soap

    What are your views on smelly people ?

  2. gracethepirate

    gracethepirate Member Political Irish

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    Some people cannot help being smelly, for example menopausal women during a hot flush. That's the main reason why hot flushes are so embarrassing - and quite out of control. Ugh.

    Diabetics can also smell if they are not looking after their diabetes properly. It causes inflammation and overheating of both the bladder, vagina (if female) and anus, as well as feet so they smell really, really vile. This can be even worse if the diabetic is suffering from a vaginal infection (particularly the fishy odour one). The cure for this is to manage the condition, keep the blood sugar levels down etc. Ugh.