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'Student fakes being black to get into college'

Discussion in 'Education & Science' started by Piedom, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Piedom

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    Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, the author of "Almost Black," claims he got into medical school by pretending to be a black man.

    Student faked being black to get into college

    Fair play to the lad, he has shown that racism is alive and real to many other races, I guess he was lucky, imagine if he was a white lad.

    I remember reading a post months ago about someone who sent in a CV only to be turned down, then they sent in another CV in a polish name and got offered an interview.
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  2. Dacman

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    officially sanctioned racism.

    Just look at our own government, they want quotas on women in the Dail (sexism), and more immigrants in local politics, (Racism).
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