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The internet of things is coming, whether you want it or not!

Discussion in 'Internet surveillance & cyber warfare' started by Tadhg Gaelach, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Generation Snowflake

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    Planned obsolescence through software updates.
    This version of toaster cannot use our new api to tweet as we do not support that hardware anymore, you need to buy a new computer with a toaster attached.

    The plebs are being replaced and dumbed down at an increasing rate. You wouldn't be able to even try repair anything if you had the ability or will.
    These same plebs will cry for more recycling/save the planet and yet not see how they are equally the problem as their rulers by fueling this shit.
  2. TheWexfordInn

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    What I want to know is will these devices be made such that they have to be connected to the internet to work? If you decide you dont want them to be on the internet will you be able to switch off that functionality or switch off your Wi-Fi or will that stop them from working?

    We have seen recently how Internet companies can shut you down as a punitive measure if you are someone that goes against what big brothers has decided the group think should be.
    Canadian Professor Jordan Petersen recently had his Gmail account shut down because of his open cynicism towards transsexuals and all of a sudden a whole swathe of his life became inaccessible because so much was connected to his Gmail account.
    After a complaint was made he had his account re-instated but the point is what if the state decided that you were to be punished for wrong-think? Could they remotely disable your Toaster, Central Heating, Fridge, Car, Public Transport Card, Credit Card etc etc?
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  3. jmcc

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    Some of these IoT devices produce data that is useful to their developers and disconnecting them might not be what they want. However, it might be possible to disconnect some of them but it would vary from device to device. Recent hacking events have targeted connected devices (printers, webcams, routers etc) so that they can be made part of botnets so the security on some of these devices sucks.