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The Irish: Unique genes and Culture

Discussion in 'Education & Science' started by Eirecode, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Eirecode

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    There is a constant refrain one hears from open-border advocates:
    "What is Irish anyway", or "Irish are a nation of immigrants anyway".

    Notwithstanding the fact they hypocritically fully recognise any African or Asian ethnic identity and rights to exclusive territorial integrity.It should be noted that contrary to "Ireland being a nation of immigrants", they have overlooked the fact that they were not immigrants given an all-round welcome, but invaders, whom the Irish always resisted and had the right to bear arms to resist. But when drawing parallels between ancient intra-racial rivalry and inter-racial invasion, the open-borders supporters very neatly flatten all details to suit the agenda which is to get the Irish lay person sympathetic to supporting modern immigration invasion.

    Neither does their argument provide for the imposition on any current set of a nation's people having to open their borders to any foreigners or their resources up to world competition, the arguments contained in their agenda laden refrains are incorrect.

    The Irish originate from and comprise a specific and unique genotype which over millenia has given rise to a specific and unique culture on this island.

    More About Genes - The Irish Really are a race apart
    By Dr. Emmeline Hill

    Unique Celtic genes set us a race apart

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  2. Racist

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    Very good Chara, it is true the Irish are quite unique and the current levels of immigration will do untold damage to our unique cultural genetic identity.
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  3. Earnán Ó Maille

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    Unique Celtic genes set us a race apart

    I'm nearly 100% sure that the 1st Romani settlers in Gaelic Ireland and Scotland were the Fawes, of whom the respected ethnographer Timothy Neat wrote in the Summer Walkers, adopted the name of the McPhees and Smiths amongst others, after the Vagabond Laws or the Anti-Gypsy Laws were 1st introduced at the beginning of the 16th century. I'm not sure who composed the song, Canan Nan Gaidheal, but the lady singing the Gaelic song below, Catherine-Anne McPhee, is a descendant of one of the Clans who sheltered the Romami when they were persecuted by the English Royals, or what is referred to as 'the disease from the South' in the song.

    I wonder if the extent of the intermarriage between the Scottish Clans and the Roma gypsies, explains the 17.2% difference between the DNA findings in Connacht and Ulster, considering the fact that Ulster was an extension of Scotland where the Roma settled?

    'In Leinster, 73.3% of men with Gaelic surnames have this gene, in Munster, 94.6% and in Ulster 81.1%.Connaught men are the most Irish of the Irish.The most striking finding was that in Connaught, the westernmost point of Europe, almost all men (98.3%) carry this particular gene.'

    It's a good article but it's outdated because the timeline has shifted for the earliest known settlements in Ireland, at the Hermitage in County Limerick and at Mount Sandel in County Derry which are both dated approximately 8,000 BC. Evidence for the missing link has been sitting right in front us for more than a century, and the earliest definitive date is now at least 10,000 BC, and it's anybodies guess where the latest evidence will eventually lead to.

    'There has been little genetic influence from outside the country since the first people came to Ireland almost 9,000 years ago.'

    This bear bone discovery in Sligo could re-write Irish history

    Canan nan Gaidheal

    Cha b'e sneachda 's an reothadh o thuath
    Cha b'e an crannadh geur fuar on ear
    Cha b'e an t-uisge 's na gaillionn on iar
    Ach an galar a bhlian on deas
    Blàth, duilleach, stoc agus freumh
    Cànan mo threubh is mo shluaidh

    Thig thugainn, thig cò' ruim gu siar
    Gus an cluinn sinn ann cànan nam Fèinn
    Thig thugainn, thig cò' ruim gu siar
    Gus an cluinn sinn ann cànan nan Gàidheal

    Nuair chithear fear fèilidh 's a' ghleann
    Bu chinnteach gur Gàidhlig a chainnt
    Nuair spìon iad a fhreumh às an fhonn
    An àite Gàidhlig tha cànan a' Ghoill
    Is Ghaidhealtachd creadhal nan sonn
    'S tìr "mhajors" is "cholonels" 'n-diugh innt'

    Thoir a-nuas dhuinn na coinnleirean òir
    'S annta càraibh na coinnlean geal, cèir
    Lasaibh suas iad an seòmar a' bhròin
    Taigh aire seann chànan a' Ghàidheil
    Se siud o chionn fhad' thuirt an nàmh
    Ach fhathast tha beò cànan a' Gàidheal

    Ged a theich i le a beath' às na glinn
    Ged na cluinnear a-nis muigh i san Dùn
    O Dhùthaich Mhic Aoidh fada tuath
    Gu ruig thu Druim Uachdair nam bò
    'S iathadh nan Eileanan Siar
    Si fhathast ann ciad chainnt an t-slòigh

    The language of the Gaels

    It was not the snow and the frost from the north.
    It was not the sharp, cold withering from the east,
    It was not the rain and the storms from the west
    But the plague that seduced from the south
    The bloom, foliage, stem and root
    Of the language of my people and of my race.

    Come to us, come along with me to the west
    Until we hear the language of the Fein,
    Come to us, come along with me to the west
    Until we hear the language of the Gaels.

    When a kilted man was seen in the valley
    It would be certain that Gàidhig was his language.
    When they ripped his roots from the ground
    In the place of Gàidhlig is the foreigners'language
    And the Gaidhealtachd cradle of heroes
    Is today the land of majors and colonels.

    Pass down to us the golden candlesticks
    And into them put the white waxe candles
    Light them up in the mourning room
    Of the wake house of the Gael's old language
    That's what the enemy has said since long ago
    But still the language of the Gael is alive.

    Although it has fled with its life from the valleys,
    Although it is heard no more in the towns
    From the McKay lands in the far north
    Right down to Drumochter, famous for cattle,
    Everywhere in the western Isles
    It is still the first language of the people.

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  4. Plasticpaddy

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    Very interesting I'm glad I don't have those genes that make it difficult to drink alcohol,cheers!
  5. Tadhg Gaelach

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    The beauty of the Irish Cailín has been famous all over Europe for centuries, and written about by countless authors and poets, but the haters of beauty want to breed her out of existence and turn us all into one single racial soup which they will easily be able to control and enslave. We must organise and defend ourselves. We don't hate any other race. Just the opposite. We want all races to respect themselves in their own lands - including ourselves.
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  6. Rasherhash

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  7. PlantationWatch

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    on 1st November 1993 , the Treaty on European Union came into force establishing the European Union .

    "we the high contracting parties hereby establish among ourselves a european union" - title 1 , Article A

    prior to the Union , Ireland had .. wait for it ... "Zero" asylum hostels

    Fast forward to today , Ireland has 32 asylum hostels spread accross 16 Counties accomodating 4,500 asylum seekers .

    The centres are like conveyer belts , churning out migrants from Africa and Asia into the local communities .

    Anybody who thinks there is no agenda going on here really needs to wake up

    There is no doubt , a clear agenda to undermine our homogenity .

    Indeed , the founding father of the EU , Coudenhove-Kalergi , said and I quote

    "the man of the future will be hybrid , the Eur-asian Negroid race of the future outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians will replace a Diversity of Peoples with a Variety of Personalities" - Kalergi

    The Agenda of the EU is a racist one , they believe , in the same way as Mr Hilter , that changing the racial structure of society makes it a better place . which is in fact racist
  8. Tadhg Gaelach

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    Well said a chara.
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  9. Generation Snowflake

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    European's as a people are the most diverse.

    Distribution of light hair and eyes in Europe
    A world map of predicted eye colour based on genetic variants

    The other races/groups tend to have black hair and brown eyes.

    What mass migration/miscegenation/replacement will do is remove that diversity/originality.

    Many of us go blue colour in the winter and red in the summer.
    Blue eyes are the majority within the Irish population followed by green. Blue eyes and red hair is close to the rarest combination out there in the world (i think it is ?).

    America is becoming less diverse by the day as the old European stock is being replaced, Blue eyes are increasingly rare in America - Americas - International Herald Tribune
    "About half of Americans born at the turn of the 20th century had blue eyes, according to a 2002 Loyola University study in Chicago. By mid-century that number had dropped to a third. Today only about one 1 of every 6 Americans has blue eyes, said Mark Grant, the epidemiologist who conducted the study."

    What the mass migration will eventually lead to is a mulatto mix similar to Brazil, where a small number of pure bred elite running the place and the rest all looking the same, with a consumerist mono culture slave mentality to go with it. All mixing eventually leads to the same two colours, brown or black.
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  10. Tadhg Gaelach

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    I think this is the key point. The elites have calculated that it will be easier for them to rule over a mulatto race of consumers than Native European peoples, who, like all native peoples, have uppedy ideas about them having ancestral rights in their own fatherlands.
  11. BrianBoru

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