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Hot The "Wee Small Hours" Insomniacs Thread

Discussion in 'Chat' started by Dublin 4, Jan 17, 2018 at 8:01 PM.

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    2011 ‧ Fantasy/Thriller ‧ 2h 12m

    7.8/10 IMDb

    86% Rotten Tomatoes

    93% Google users liked this film


    In the early 1960s, during the height of the Cold War, a mutant named Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meets a fellow mutant named Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender).

    Despite their vastly different backgrounds -- Charles grew up with a wealthy family, while Erik lost his parents at Auschwitz -- the two become close friends.

    As the world teeters on the brink of a nuclear war, Charles and Erik with other mutants join forces to save humanity.

    However, a situation soon tears the friends apart.


    Initial release: May 25, 2011 (USA)
    Director: Matthew Vaughn
    Box office: 353.6 million USD
    Film series: X-Men
    Budget: 160 million USD

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] James McAvoy ...
    Charles Xavier (24 Years)

    [​IMG] Laurence Belcher ...
    Charles Xavier (12 Years)

    [​IMG] Michael Fassbender ...
    Erik Lensherr

    [​IMG] Bill Milner ...
    Young Erik

    [​IMG] Kevin Bacon ...
    Sebastian Shaw

    [​IMG] Rose Byrne ...
    Moira MacTaggert

    [​IMG] Jennifer Lawrence ...
    Raven / Mystique

    [​IMG] Beth Goddard ...
    Mrs. Xavier

    [​IMG] Morgan Lily ...
    Young Raven (10 yrs)

    [​IMG] Oliver Platt ...
    Man in Black Suit

    [​IMG] Álex González ...
    Janos Quested / Riptide (as Alex González)

    [​IMG] Jason Flemyng ...

    [​IMG] Zoë Kravitz ...
    Angel Salvadore

    [​IMG] January Jones ...
    Emma Frost

    [​IMG] Nicholas Hoult ...
    Hank / Beast

    [​IMG] Caleb Landry Jones ...
    Cassidy / Banshee

    [​IMG] Edi Gathegi ...
    Darwin / Armando Muñoz

    [​IMG] Corey Johnson ...
    Chief Warden

    [​IMG] Lucas Till ...
    Alex Summers / Havok

    [​IMG] Demetri Goritsas ...

    [​IMG] Glenn Morshower ...
    Colonel Hendry

    [​IMG] Don Creech ...
    William Stryker

    [​IMG] Matt Craven ...
    CIA Director McCone

    [​IMG] James Remar ...
    US General

    [​IMG] Ludger Pistor ...
    1st German / Pig Farmer

    [​IMG] Wilfried Hochholdinger ...
    2nd German / Tailor

    [​IMG] Greg Kolpakchi ...
    Russian Soldier No. 1

    [​IMG] Andrei Zayats ...
    Russian Soldier No. 2

    [​IMG] Rade Serbedzija ...
    Russian General (as Rade Sherbedgia)

    [​IMG] Ray Wise ...
    Secretary of State

    [​IMG] Michael Medeiros ...
    Political Officer

    [​IMG] Olek Krupa ...
    Soviet Captain

    [​IMG] Yuri Naumkin ...
    Soviet Fire Control

    [​IMG] Gene Farber ...
    Soviet Radioman

    [​IMG] David Agranov ...
    Soviet NCO

    [​IMG] Katrine De Candole ...
    Swiss Receptionist

    [​IMG] James Faulkner ...
    Swiss Bank Manager

    [​IMG] Éva Magyar ...
    Edie Lensherr

    [​IMG] Annabelle Wallis ...

    [​IMG] Juan Herrera ...
    Airport Worker

    [​IMG] Greg Savage ...
    Coast Guard

    [​IMG] Jarid Faubel ...
    US Fire Control Officer

    [​IMG] Gregory Cox ...
    Dr. Leigh

    [​IMG] Josh Cohen ...
    Junior Agent

    [​IMG] David Crow ...
    Weasley Agent

    [​IMG] Kieran Patrick Campbell ...
    Little Boy

    [​IMG] Sasha Pieterse ...
    Teenage Girl

    [​IMG] Brendan Fehr ...
    Communications Officer

    [​IMG] Michael Ironside ...
    Captain (as M. Ironside)

    [​IMG] Jason Beghe ...

    [​IMG] Venya Manzyuk ...
    Lt. Commander (as Veniamin Manzyuk)

    [​IMG] Tony Curran ...
    Man In Black Suit Agent

    [​IMG] Randall Batinkoff ...
    Man In Black Suit Agent


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    2011 ‧ Drama/Crime film ‧ 1h 52m

    6.4/10 IMDb

    29% Rotten Tomatoes

    3/5 Common Sense Media

    87% Google users liked this film


    In 1992 Bogota, a little girl (Amandla Stenberg) watches crime lord Don Luis (Beto Benites) and his henchman Marco (Jordi Mollà) murder her parents.

    Fifteen years later, the now-grown Cataleya (Zoe Saldana), who is named for a Colombian orchid, works as a contract killer for her Chicago-based uncle (Cliff Curtis).

    Leaving a lipstick drawing of her namesake on every victim, Cataleya carries out her assignments with cold, frightening efficiency and dreams of avenging her family.


    Release date: September 9, 2011 (Republic of Ireland)
    Director: Olivier Megaton
    Box office: 61 million USD
    Awards: Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure, MORE
    Music composed by: Nathaniel Mechaly, Craig Walker

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Zoe Saldana ...

    [​IMG] Jordi Mollà ...

    [​IMG] Lennie James ...

    [​IMG] Amandla Stenberg ...
    Cat - 10

    [​IMG] Michael Vartan ...
    Danny Delanay

    [​IMG] Cliff Curtis ...
    Emilio Restrepo

    [​IMG] Beto Benites ...
    Don Luis

    [​IMG] Jesse Borrego ...

    [​IMG] Cynthia Addai-Robinson ...

    [​IMG] Ángel Garnica ...
    Pepe (as Angel Garnica)

    [​IMG] Ofelia Medina ...

    [​IMG] Callum Blue ...

    [​IMG] Sam Douglas ...
    William Woodgard

    [​IMG] Graham McTavish ...
    Head Marshall Warren

    [​IMG] Charles Maquignon ...
    Sergeant Bill Attwood

    [​IMG] Affif Ben Badra ...
    Genarro Rizzo (as Afif Ben Badra)

    [​IMG] David Clark ...

    [​IMG] Billy Slaughter ...

    [​IMG] Nikea Gamby-Turner ...

    [​IMG] Andrea Helene ...

    [​IMG] John McConnell ...

    [​IMG] Sébastien Peres ...

    [​IMG] Mark De Alessandro ...

    [​IMG] Pablo Vinós ...
    Swat (as Pablo Vinos Zelaya)

    [​IMG] Max Martini ...
    Agent Robert Williams

    [​IMG] Tony Dalton ...
    American Embassy 1


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    2004 ‧ Slasher/Thriller ‧ 1h 33m

    4.9/10 IMDb

    32% Rotten Tomatoes

    2/4 Roger Ebert

    76% Google users liked this film


    Gentle Glen (Billy Boyd) is a ventriloquist's dummy, the offspring of evil doll Chucky (Brad Dourif) and his doll bride (Jennifer Tilly), both of whom are now deceased.

    When the orphaned Glen hears that a film is being made about his parents, he goes to Hollywood and resurrects them in an attempt to get to know them better.

    He is horrified when Chucky and his lover embark on a new killing spree, and Chucky is equally horrified that his son has no taste for evil.


    Initial release: November 12, 2004 (USA)
    Director: Don Mancini
    Box office: 24.8 million USD
    Budget: 12 million USD
    Film series: Child's Play

    (in credits order)

    Brad Dourif...
    Chucky (voice)

    [​IMG] Jennifer Tilly ...
    Tiffany / Jennifer Tilly

    [​IMG] Billy Boyd ...
    Glen / Glenda (voice)

    [​IMG] Redman ...

    [​IMG] Hannah Spearritt ...

    [​IMG] John Waters ...
    Pete Peters

    [​IMG] Keith-Lee Castle ...

    [​IMG] Steve West ...
    Stan (as Steve Lawton)

    [​IMG] Tony Gardner ...
    Tony Gardner

    [​IMG] Jason Flemyng ...

    Nicholas Rowe...


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    2008 ‧ Fantasy/Coming of age ‧ 1h 40m

    2/5 · Radio Times


    Former police officer Matt Conlin (Steven Seagal) hits rock bottom.

    His drinking is out of control, and he has huge gambling debts.

    Just as Matt is about to give up all hope, an enigmatic old man (Lance Henriksen) approaches him with a proposition.

    The old man will pay off Matt's gambling debts if he agrees to assassinate the city's top gangsters.

    Though Matt is reluctant, he accepts the old man's mission, but soon realizes it isn't as straightforward as it seems.


    Initial release: January 1, 2008
    Director: Roel Reiné
    Budget: 10 million USD
    Box office: 89,320 USD (Japan)
    Initial DVD release: March 4, 2008

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Steven Seagal ...
    Matt Conlin

    [​IMG] Bernie McInerney ...
    Father Joe Maloney

    [​IMG] Ashley Greenfield ...
    Card Player #1

    [​IMG] John P. Gulino ...
    Card Player #2 (as John Gulino)

    [​IMG] Antoni Corone ...

    [​IMG] Matt Salinger ...

    [​IMG] Paul Calderon ...

    [​IMG] Lance Henriksen ...
    The Old Man

    [​IMG] Mark Elliot Wilson ...
    Lt. Steve Shacter

    [​IMG] Lydia Jordan ...
    Becky (as Lydia Grace Jordan)

    [​IMG] Arthur J. Nascarella ...
    Bruno (as Arthur Nascarella)

    [​IMG] Eddy Toru Ohno ...
    Johnny (as Toru Ohno)

    [​IMG] Renée Elise Goldsberry ...

    [​IMG] Rue DeBona ...

    [​IMG] Lee Wong ...
    Mr. Ling

    [​IMG] Wass Stevens ...
    Tim Wheeler

    [​IMG] Fast Ali ...
    Naked Woman (as Alison Chin)

    [​IMG] Blanchard Ryan ...

    [​IMG] Ken Parker ...
    Praying Man

    [​IMG] Carl Li ...
    Chinese Gang Kid (as Carl Ka-Ho Li)

    [​IMG] Douglas Crosby ...
    Bruno's Goon #1

    [​IMG] Paul Marini ...

    [​IMG] Tim Gallin ...

    [​IMG] Nikki Takei ...
    Fruit Stand Vendor


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    1981 ‧ Fantasy/Horror ‧ 1h 37m

    7.6/10 IMDb

    90% Rotten Tomatoes

    88% Google users liked this film


    David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne), two American college students, are backpacking through Britain when a large wolf attacks them.

    David survives with a bite, but Jack is brutally killed.

    As David heals in the hospital, he's plagued by violent nightmares of his mutilated friend, who warns David that he is becoming a werewolf.

    When David discovers the horrible truth, he contemplates committing suicide before the next full moon causes him to transform from man to murderous beast.


    Initial release: August 21, 1981 (USA)
    Director: John Landis
    Film series: An American Werewolf film series
    Screenplay: John Landis
    Box office: 62 million USD

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Joe Belcher ...
    Truck Driver

    [​IMG] David Naughton ...
    David Kessler

    [​IMG] Griffin Dunne ...
    Jack Goodman

    [​IMG] David Schofield ...
    Dart Player

    [​IMG] Brian Glover ...
    Chess Player

    [​IMG] Lila Kaye ...

    [​IMG] Rik Mayall ...
    2nd Chess Player

    [​IMG] Sean Baker ...
    2nd Dart Player

    [​IMG] Paddy Ryan ...
    First Werewolf

    [​IMG] Jenny Agutter ...
    Nurse Alex Price

    [​IMG] Anne-Marie Davies ...
    Nurse Susan Gallagher

    [​IMG] John Woodvine ...
    Dr. J. S. Hirsch

    [​IMG] Frank Oz ...
    Mr. Collins / Miss Piggy


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    2007 ‧ Science fiction film/Thriller ‧ 1h 47m

    7.3/10 IMDb

    76% Rotten Tomatoes

    3/4 Roger Ebert

    73% Google users liked this film


    In the not-too-distant future, Earth's dying sun spells the end for humanity.

    In a last-ditch effort to save the planet, a crew of eight men and women ventures into space with a device that could revive the star.

    However, an accident, a grave mistake and a distress beacon from a long-lost spaceship throw the crew and its desperate mission into a tailspin.



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    2009 ‧ Fantasy/Action ‧ 1h 44m

    6.1/10 IMDb

    66% Rotten Tomatoes

    3/5 Empire

    86% Google users liked this film


    A man (James Purefoy) must renounce his newly taken vows of peace to rescue a young woman (Rachel Hurd-Wood) from an evil sorcerer (Jason Flemyng).


    Initial release: December 23, 2009 (France)
    Director: Michael J. Bassett
    Box office: $19.6 million.
    Story by: Robert E. Howard
    Budget: 40 million USD

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] James Purefoy ...
    Solomon Kane

    [​IMG] Mark O'Neal ...
    Kane's Soldier #1

    [​IMG] Robert Orr ...
    Kane's Soldier #2

    [​IMG] Richard Ryan ...
    Kane's Soldier #3

    [​IMG] Frantisek Deak ...
    Cowering Guard

    [​IMG] Christian Dunckley Clark ...
    Lieutenant Malthus (as Christian Michael Dunkley Clark)

    [​IMG] Ian Whyte ...
    Devil's Reaper

    [​IMG] Thomas McEnchroe ...
    Young Monk

    [​IMG] Andrew Whitlaw ...
    Older Monk

    [​IMG] Robert Russell ...

    [​IMG] James Babson ...

    [​IMG] Marek Vasut ...

    [​IMG] Geoff Bell ...

    [​IMG] Max von Sydow ...
    Josiah Kane

    [​IMG] Lucas Stone ...
    Young Solomon

    [​IMG] Samuel Roukin ...
    Marcus Kane / Overlord (as Sam Roukin)

    [​IMG] Rachel Hurd-Wood ...
    Meredith Crowthorn

    [​IMG] Patrick Hurd-Wood ...
    Samuel Crowthorn


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    2004 ‧ Thriller/Action ‧ 1h 55m

    5.6/10 IMDb

    20% Rotten Tomatoes

    2/5 Empire

    86% Google users liked this film


    When the wealthy and ambitious Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) funds an expedition to Antarctica, he hopes to find a mysterious source of heat that has been detected.

    Led by a tough guide, Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan), Weyland and his team uncover a pyramid, but they also find malevolent parasitic aliens.

    Making matters worse, another extraterrestrial species, known as Predators, arrive to hunt the other aliens, with the humans caught in the middle of the conflict.


    Initial release: August 13, 2004 (USA)
    Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
    Featured song: Alien vs. Predator Main Theme
    Languages: English, French, Italian
    Screenplay: Paul W. S. Anderson, Shane Salerno

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Sanaa Lathan ...
    Alexa Woods

    [​IMG] Raoul Bova ...
    Sebastian de Rosa

    [​IMG] Lance Henriksen ...
    Charles Bishop Weyland

    [​IMG] Ewen Bremner ...
    Graeme Miller

    [​IMG] Colin Salmon ...
    Maxwell Stafford

    [​IMG] Tommy Flanagan ...
    Mark Verheiden

    [​IMG] Joseph Rye ...
    Joe Connors

    [​IMG] Agathe de La Boulaye ...
    Adele Rousseau

    [​IMG] Carsten Norgaard ...
    Rusten Quinn

    [​IMG] Sam Troughton ...
    Thomas Parks

    [​IMG] Petr Jákl ...

    [​IMG] Pavel Bezdek ...

    [​IMG] Kieran Bew ...

    [​IMG] Carsten Voigt ...

    [​IMG] Jan Filipenský ...
    Boris (as Jan Filipensky)

    [​IMG] Adrian Bouchet ...

    [​IMG] Andy Lucas ...
    Juan Ramirez

    [​IMG] Liz May Brice ...

    [​IMG] Glenn Conroy ...

    [​IMG] Eoin McCarthy ...

    [​IMG] Karima McAdams ...
    Sacrificial Maiden (as Karima Adebibe)

    [​IMG] Tom Woodruff Jr. ...

    [​IMG] Ian Whyte ...


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    2013 ‧ Mystery/Romance ‧ 1h 29m

    5.2/10 IMDb

    38% Rotten Tomatoes

    73% Google users liked this film


    A teen (Harrison Gilbertson) discovers an alternate dimension when his family moves into a haunted house.


    Initial release: November 6, 2013 (New York City)
    Director: Mac Carter
    Initial DVD release: June 10, 2014 (USA)
    Executive producers: Nick Phillips, Will Rowbotham, Kelly Wagner, Gabriel Ferrari, Elliot Ferwerda, Alex Yazlovsky
    Editors: Tom Elkins, Ruben Sebban


    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Harrison Gilbertson ...
    Evan Asher

    [​IMG] Liana Liberato ...

    [​IMG] Jacki Weaver ...
    Janet Morello

    [​IMG] Ione Skye ...
    Emily Asher

    [​IMG] Brian Wimmer ...
    Alan Asher

    [​IMG] Danielle C. Ryan ...
    Sara Asher (as Danielle Chuchran)

    [​IMG] Ella Harris ...
    Anita Asher

    [​IMG] Carl Hadra ...
    Franklin Morello

    [​IMG] Sebastian Michael Barr ...
    Matthew Morello (as Sebastian Barr)

    [​IMG] Brooke Kelly ...
    Oldest Morello Daughter

    [​IMG] Maggie Scott ...
    Youngest Morello Daughter

    [​IMG] Jan Broberg ...
    Meredith Tanner

    [​IMG] Aline Andrade ...
    Young Woman

    [​IMG] Jarrod Phillips ...

    [​IMG] Kasia Kowalczyk ...
    Demon Creature

    [​IMG] Kelly Noonan ...
    Real Estate Agent


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    2011 ‧ Drama/Mystery ‧ 1h 31m

    5.3/10 IMDb

    37% Rotten Tomatoes


    70% Google users liked this film


    Drama · When a young doctor (Hilary Swank) suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft, she learns that her landlord has moved into the building & has formed a frightening obsession with her.


    Initial release: February 10, 2011
    Director: Antti Jokinen
    Initial DVD release: February 10, 2011 (Germany)
    Music composed by: John Ottman
    Screenplay: Antti Jokinen, Erin Cressida Wilson, Robert Orr

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Hilary Swank ...
    Dr. Juliet Devereau

    [​IMG] Jeffrey Dean Morgan ...

    [​IMG] Lee Pace ...

    [​IMG] Christopher Lee ...

    [​IMG] Aunjanue Ellis ...

    [​IMG] Sean Rosales ...

    [​IMG] Deborah Martinez ...
    Mrs. Portes

    [​IMG] Sheila Ivy Traister ...
    ER Nurse (as Sheila Traister)

    [​IMG] Michael Showers ...
    August ER Doctor

    [​IMG] Nana Visitor ...
    Real Estate Agent

    [​IMG] Arron Shiver ...

    [​IMG] Michael Badalucco ...
    Moving Man

    [​IMG] Michael Massee ...
    Security Tech

    [​IMG] Penny Balfour ...
    Drug Addict

    [​IMG] Mark Morocco ...
    ER Surgeon (as Mark Vincent Morocco)

    [​IMG] Veronica Hool ...
    Nurse Girl


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    1996 ‧ Drama/Crime film ‧ 2h 27m

    7.6/10 IMDb

    74% Rotten Tomatoes

    3/4 Roger Ebert

    88% Google users liked this film


    Four teenage friends from Hell's Kitchen end up being sent to reform school after almost killing a man.

    There they are brutalized by the guards.

    John (Ron Eldard) and Tommy (Billy Crudup) grow up to be hit men who recognize their abuser years later and kill him.

    Their trial is prosecuted by another member of their gang, who is now the assistant DA.


    Release date: January 3, 1997 (Republic of Ireland)
    Director: Barry Levinson
    Based on: Sleepers; by Lorenzo Carcaterra
    Story by: Lorenzo Carcaterra
    Screenplay: Barry Levinson

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Kevin Bacon ...

    [​IMG] Billy Crudup ...

    [​IMG] Robert De Niro ...
    Father Bobby

    [​IMG] Ron Eldard ...

    [​IMG] Minnie Driver ...

    [​IMG] Vittorio Gassman ...
    King Benny

    [​IMG] Dustin Hoffman ...
    Danny Snyder

    [​IMG] Terry Kinney ...

    [​IMG] Bruno Kirby ...
    Shakes' Father

    [​IMG] Frank Medrano ...
    Fat Mancho

    [​IMG] Jason Patric ...

    [​IMG] Joe Perrino ...
    Young Shakes

    [​IMG] Brad Pitt ...

    [​IMG] Brad Renfro ...
    Young Michael

    [​IMG] Geoffrey Wigdor ...
    Young John

    [​IMG] Jonathan Tucker ...
    Young Tommy

    [​IMG] Peter Appel ...



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    1992 ‧ Drama/Fantasy ‧ 2h 35m

    7.5/10 IMDb

    76% Rotten Tomatoes

    3/4 Roger Ebert

    87% Google users liked this film


    Adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire novel.

    Gary Oldman plays Dracula whose lonely soul is determined to reunite with his lost love, Mina (Winona Ryder).

    In Britain, Dracula begins a reign of terror and seduction draining the life from her closest friend, Lucy (Sadie Frost).

    Together they try and drive Dracula away.


    Release date: January 29, 1993 (Republic of Ireland)
    Director: Francis Ford Coppola
    Adapted from: Dracula
    Costume design: Eiko Ishioka
    Awards: Academy Award for Best Costume Design, MORE

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Gary Oldman ...

    [​IMG] Winona Ryder ...
    Mina Murray / Elisabeta

    [​IMG] Anthony Hopkins ...
    Professor Abraham Van Helsing

    [​IMG] Keanu Reeves ...
    Jonathan Harker

    [​IMG] Richard E. Grant ...
    Dr. Jack Seward

    [​IMG] Cary Elwes ...
    Lord Arthur Holmwood

    [​IMG] Billy Campbell ...
    Quincey P. Morris (as Bill Campbell)

    [​IMG] Sadie Frost ...
    Lucy Westenra

    [​IMG] Tom Waits ...
    R.M. Renfield

    [​IMG] Monica Bellucci ...
    Dracula's Bride


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    2016 ‧ Mystery/Thriller ‧ 1h 30m

    3.7/10 · IMDb

    With the world on the brink of nuclear disaster, a scientist and his girlfriend retreat to a centuries-old building in the wilds of Dartmoor, England, to investigate ghostly activity.


    Initial release: February 28, 2016 (Portugal)
    Director: Eugene McGing
    Initial DVD release: August 1, 2016 (United Kingdom)


    [​IMG] Robert Daws ...
    Professor Chessman

    [​IMG] Nick Julian ...
    Harvey Waller

    [​IMG] Lisa Kerr ...
    Rose Ellis

    [​IMG] Kitty McGeever ...
    Muriel Roy

    [​IMG] Lachlan Nieboer ...
    Tam Burke

    [​IMG] Sam Swainsbury ...
    Radio Expert 2 (voice)


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    2001 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 2h 4m

    6.8/10 IMDb

    73% Rotten Tomatoes

    3.5/4 Roger Ebert

    85% Google users liked this film


    Career thief Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) is about to mastermind a nearly impossible theft that will require his joining forces with a clever young accomplice (Edward Norton).

    The unlikely alliance, arranged by Nick's longtime friend and fence, Max (Marlon Brando), interrupts Nick's plan to retire from crime and settle down with his fiancée, Diane (Angela Bassett).

    Worse, it requires that Nick violate his most important rule: Always work alone.


    Initial release: July 9, 2001 (USA)
    Director: Frank Oz
    Music composed by: Howard Shore
    Box office: 113 million USD
    Screenplay: Kario Salem, Lem Dobbs, Scott Marshall Smith

    (in credits order)

    Robert De Niro ...
    Nick Wells

    [​IMG] Edward Norton ...
    Jack Teller

    [​IMG] Marlon Brando ...

    [​IMG] Angela Bassett ...

    [​IMG] Gary Farmer ...

    [​IMG] Paul Soles ...

    [​IMG] Jamie Harrold ...

    [​IMG] Serge Houde ...

    [​IMG] Jean-René Ouellet ...
    André (as Jean Rene Ouellet)

    [​IMG] Martin Drainville ...

    [​IMG] Claude Despins ...

    [​IMG] Richard Waugh ...

    [​IMG] Mark Camacho ...
    Sapperstein's Cousin

    [​IMG] Marie-Josée Colburn ...
    Woman in Study (as Marie-Josee D'Amours)

    [​IMG] Gavin Svensson ...
    Man in Study

    [​IMG] Thinh Truong Nguyen ...

    [​IMG] Carlo Essagian ...

    [​IMG] Christian Tessier ...



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    1981 ‧ Fantasy/Science fiction film ‧ 1h 36m

    7.6/10 IMDb

    98% Rotten Tomatoes

    5/5 Empire

    84% Google users liked this film


    After avenging the death of his wife and young son at the hands of a vicious gang leader, Max (Mel Gibson) drives the post-apocalyptic highways of the Australian outback, fending off attacks from nomadic tribes that prey on outsiders.

    Falling into an encampment led by the relatively peaceful Pappagallo (Mike Preston), Max at first schemes to steal their oil, but soon becomes the group's reluctant defender against the hulking Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) and his ruthless marauders.


    Release date: April 30, 1982 (Republic of Ireland)
    Director: George Miller
    Film series: Mad Max
    Box office: : A$10.8 million (Australia); US$23.7 million (Canada and United States);
    Budget: 4 million AUD

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Mel Gibson ...

    [​IMG] Bruce Spence ...
    The Gyro Captain

    [​IMG] Michael Preston ...
    Pappagallo (as Mike Preston)

    [​IMG] Max Phipps ...
    The Toadie

    [​IMG] Vernon Wells ...

    [​IMG] Kjell Nilsson ...
    The Humungus

    [​IMG] Emil Minty ...
    The Feral Kid

    [​IMG] Virginia Hey ...
    Warrior Woman

    [​IMG] William Zappa ...


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    2006 ‧ Thriller/Horror ‧ 1h 50m

    6.2/10 IMDb

    25% Rotten Tomatoes


    Tense British-Irish thriller

    After a young boy commits suicide at a juvenile detention center, two bullies are held responsible and sent with others to an uninhabited island, formerly an Army training zone.

    The delinquents, including Steve (Stephen Wight) and Lewis (Luke Neal), are accompanied by ruthless overseer Jed (Sean Pertwee).

    Although originally intended as an exercise to build character and instill virtue, their trip turns sinister when they encounter a group of bloodthirsty dogs and a crazy killer with a crossbow who starts tracking them down one by one


    Initial release: August 11, 2006 (United Kingdom)
    Director: Michael J. Bassett
    Initial DVD release: August 15, 2006 (Netherlands)
    Budget: 3 million GBP
    Producers: Douglas Rae, John McDonnell, Robert Bernstein

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Sean Pertwee ...

    [​IMG] Alex Reid ...

    [​IMG] Toby Kebbell ...

    [​IMG] Stephen Wight ...

    [​IMG] Luke Neal ...

    [​IMG] Ben McKay ...

    [​IMG] Lenora Crichlow ...

    [​IMG] Karly Greene ...

    [​IMG] Adam Deacon ...

    [​IMG] Richie Campbell ...

    [​IMG] Stephen Don ...
    Dave's Father


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    1976 ‧ Horror ‧ 1h 26m

    4.8/10 IMDb

    2.7/5 AlloCiné

    5.6/10 Letterboxd


    A coven leader ( Alexander Yorke Michael Gough) intends to sacrifice his orphaned niece (Catherine Yorke Candace Glendenning) in a ritual to bring a powerful witch back from the dead.

    She learns that she can trust no one in her Uncle & Cousin's evil Cult and even people she thought were dead comes back to haunt her.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Initial release: December 1976
    Director: Norman J. Warren
    Screenplay: David McGillivray
    Music composed by: John Scott
    Distributor: Crown International Pictures

    (in credits order)

    [​IMG] Michael Gough ...
    Uncle Alexander Yorke

    [​IMG] Martin Potter ...
    Stephen Yorke

    [​IMG] Candace Glendenning ...
    Catherine Yorke

    [​IMG] Barbara Kellerman ...

    [​IMG] Michael Craze ...

    [​IMG] Gloria Maley ...
    Janice (as Gloria Walker)

    [​IMG] James Bree ...
    Malcolm Yorke

    [​IMG] Celia Hewitt ...
    Elizabeth Yorke

    [​IMG] David McGillivray ...