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Tommy Robinson walks free from court - Judge slams Police Persecution


Political Irish
Jan 6, 2016
What annoys me is the Main sources of news in the UK are all left-wing BBC, C4 and ITV and are blatant in their Bias. What needs to happen is for a balance like you have in the Papers with a Fair RW News show highlighting all these issues and then let the people have a referendum on Immigration and just as importantly the countries that they come from.
Sorry what?
What needs to happen is for a balance like you have in the Papers

I take it you are British? If so you won't really know much about our papers and media. If you think its better here you are very wrong, its even worse than what you have over there. I think 80% of our TV and Media is owned by one person who is also a government lackey.

Our own state broadcaster (RTE) is far worse than the BBC.

We are stuck with as much boased media as you guys, I would say you have it slightly better as you have people like Tommy Robinson, Farage, Hopkins etc and others telling the truth. We sadly have nobody even close to that level of truth.
Ireland’s largest print media group owns several Irish national newspapers: the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, the Herald and the Sunday World. It also owns the Belfast Telegraph and has a 50% stake in the Irish Daily Star.
The group has websites for all of its major publications, while the firm holds several classified websites and recently took over Carsireland.ie.
It owns a string of regional newspapers, including the Wexford People, the Kerrryman and the Sligo Champion.

The firm is also waiting for government approval to clear its takeover of Celtic Media, which owns prominent regional papers including the Connaught Tribune, the Anglo Celt and the Meath Chronicle.
INM also owns several magazines and Newspread, one of the country’s biggest wholesale newspaper and magazine distributors.
Billionaire businessman Denis O’Brien is INM’s largest shareholder, with a 29.9% stake. Financier Dermot Desmond controls 15% of the company through his IIU Nominees Ltd investment vehicle, while several investment banks, including UBS, also have significant stakes in the firm.

Is Irish media ownership too concentrated? Here's who is behind the major players