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Visas for low-skilled migrants may be loosened

Discussion in 'Immigration & Refugees' started by BrianBoru, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. BrianBoru

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  2. Tadhg Gaelach

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    The economy is anything but booming. The free state is borrowing 600 million euro per month from the European Central Bank and the multinationals are employing more low wage migrant labour. That's about it. These moves are just to help the multinationals import even more of their low wage labour. This is a cancer growing on the face of Ireland.
  3. Irish Warrior

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    Absolute bollox is Ireland booming. They're pushing highly skilled and qualified people into slave labour with Turas Nua. There's also an army of unemployed on forced schemes for an extra 20 quid a week that's classed as off the dole system. I have a friend working in the Department of Social Protection who told me all. Massaging the numbers with crap.
    Where are these low skilled workers going to come from? Middle East, Africa, Brazil etc? Dragging the country further into the third world while they sit in their gated mansions and we have to put up with it.
  4. BrightFuture

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    It is very sad that the likes of labour/PBP/SF would never draw a connection between labour restriction and wagecost. Once upon a time a chef in Ireland would have had a good wage.
  5. TheWexfordInn

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    Thats fine as long as they admit them on fixed term visas with no pathway to permanent residency.

    So if we need people to shovel shit for a couple of years we can fly them in and then in two years fly them out again.

    Unfortunately I suspect they will admit them on working visas with permanent residency after a few years with then all of their 25 illiterate extended relations admitted in to live their life their social welfare as they breed like rabbits funded by the taxpayer.