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Welcome, patrick jane

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by PoliticalIrish.com, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. PoliticalIrish.com

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    Hi patrick jane,

    Welcome to Political Irish.
  2. Tadhg Gaelach

    Tadhg Gaelach Legend Donator Battle Royale Political Irish

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    Fáilte isteach a chara.
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  3. patrick jane

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    Hello everybody, I look forward to checking this forum out. Is everybody from Ireland? I'm half Irish, I will tell you my last name in private. I am American, from St. Louis Missouri, a Christian and a Trump supporter. I was baptized Catholic and went to Catholic school until 4th grade but now that I have studied the Holy Bible I follow Paul's epistles because they are for us unless you are a Jew. Paul was the first to preach saved by grace through faith and his letters tell us the gospel of our salvation.

    I enjoy talking about the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, politics, false flags, new world order, conspiracies etc. I am a long time member of Theology Online (TOL) and I stumbled across this site yesterday. This looks like a good site and not too big.
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  4. Youngdan

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    The Lord has sent you our way my son. I believe we have 5 regular American posters here. I am an expert on The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony.

    All the rest except for 3 are either irish socialists or communists.
  5. Wnoa

    Wnoa Member Political Irish

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    A strange site in a way, Commies, Christians and Nationalists..but that's what I like about it
  6. Toby Carlton-Hogge

    Toby Carlton-Hogge Member Political Irish

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    Verrrrrry strange.
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