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Wonderful Interview on Late Late with Jayo Sherlock - Immigrant

Discussion in 'Immigration & Refugees' started by Liberal D4'er, Oct 28, 2017.

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    People are attracted to esoterica. The idea of possessing "special knowledge" has immense appeal.

    Fraternal societies, like the Freemasons, probably owe their appeal to this fact.
    When the novelty wears off, bored members probably stay on after realising the networking opportunities such organisations offer.
  2. Una

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    They will deny anything dark or occult. the lower levels, or 'beginners' have no idea they will be indoctrinated, & are encouraged to leave their own faith 'At the door'.....
    ...years of indoctrination, till they have u where they want you. or get u to do, or participate in something, u can be blackmailed with.
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    And he's not the only one...
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